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Gift Cards

Gift Card

Gift cards at the Phipps can be created for any dollar amount and be used for any Phipps event, class, artwork, or merchandise, allowing you to purchase the gift perfect for your needs. Simply click the link below and order your gift card!

Facility Rental 2 JHP Theater

Tickets for Two

Suggested dollar amount: $50–75

Gift cards can be used for any Phipps play, musical, concert, or event! Tickets vary from $16 to $32 per performance.

Pottery date night

Phipps Classes

Suggested dollar amount: $30–100

The Phipps has a huge variety of classes in visual art, dance, and music. Single session classes run start at $32 while 8-week classes are $200-300.

Phipps Merch Nov 2023

Phipps Merchandise

Suggested dollar amount: $25–50

Phipps merch is sold at the front lobby desk and includes rotating stock of T-shirts, tote bags, and more.

Red Dot Artwork for Sale

Galleries Artwork on Display

Suggested dollar amount: $100–300

Nothing shows appreciation like regionally-crafted artwork by the incredible artists showcased in the Phipps galleries! Artwork prices vary drastically.