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Join the Heartbeat of the Phipps - Become a Volunteer Today!

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Ever wondered what goes on behind the curtains at the Phipps Center for the Arts? Here's your chance to be part of the magic! Volunteers are the lifeblood of our center, bringing energy, creativity, and passion to every corner of the Phipps. Our volunteer councils in Drama, Visual Arts, Children's Theater, Dance, and Music provide creative direction and are at the heart of every production, event, and exhibition. Whether you're a backstage buff, an organizational wizard, or someone who loves the thrill of a live performance, we have just the spot for you!

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Volunteer roles include:

Backstage Crew: Dive into the vibrant world behind the scenes! Help with set changes, props management, and ensure our performances run smoothly. As part of this dynamic team, you'll be the backbone of every production, ensuring that the magic on stage is seamless and spellbinding.

Scene Shop Squad: Got a knack for building or painting? Help construct and design the sets that bring our stage to life. Your creativity and craftsmanship will be the foundation of every production, turning raw materials into the stunning sets that captivate our audiences night after night.

Costume Company: No matter if you're a master of the sewing machine or a wizard with a needle and thread, your costume contribution will transform fabric into the breathtaking ensembles that enchant our audiences. Let your creativity shine on stage!

Usher Team: Be the face of the Phipps! Greet guests, assist with seating, and ensure everyone enjoys their visit. Your friendly smile and helpful guidance are the first steps in transforming an ordinary evening into an unforgettable experience at the Phipps.

Digital Division: In the age of hashtags, likes, and shares, every post and text is an opportunity to spread the magic of the Phipps. Join our group of tech-savvy volunteers who harness the power of the internet to elevate our presence and connect with the community.

Art Galleries: Bring your love of art to the Phipps! Help restore our galleries between exhibitions, assist with art installation, be a part of the process of art jurying, or be a part of the St. Croix Art Festival.

And More: lighting, sound, events, photography... the opportunities are endless!

Volunteering at the Phipps isn't just about giving your time; it's about growing, learning, and being part of a community that cherishes the arts as much as you do. Ready for an artistic adventure? We can't wait to welcome you to our family!