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Dance and Movement Classes

Dance and Movement

Get in the groove. From novice to master, we’re here to get our community moving. Dance classes at the Phipps teach dancers an art that soothes the body and the mind. We believe whether you’re age 6 months or 102... dance is for you.

Dance Master Classes

Sundays @ 3:30–4:45
Dance Studio
Ages 13+
Fee: $15

Master Classes are individual classes designed for mature dancers to challenge themselves and connect through movement. Master classes rotate styles and instructors seasonally. Come learn from our very own masters!

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Master Class Dancing Feet

Upcoming Master Classes


Style & Instructor



Jazz with Madison Lawrence

Madison’s jazz style is a perfect blend of modern jazz technique fused with classic sharpness and style. Jazz shoes or turners recommended. Sign Up


Jazz with Jess

A former pro NBA Timberwolves Dancer, Jess’ jazz choreography is full of blended style, intricate movements, and sure to leave you out of breath but smiling! Jazz shoes or turners recommended. Sign Up


Hip Hop with Arcelia Rivera

Arcelia’s choreography is a blend of west coast funk, house, and reggaeton. She emphasizes foot work and groove to create combinations that are equally fun to perform and watch! Clean tennis shoes required. Sign Up


Jazz with Megan

Megan brings classic and upbeat jazz training into her style for a super fun, challenging class! Bare feet, jazz shoes, or turners recommended. Sign Up


Dance Team Prep with Madison Lawrence

Are you hoping to try out for your school’s dance team or see what it is like? A former member of the St. Kate’s Dance Team, Madison will show you a variety of leaps, turns, jumps, and moves that are popular to get you ready to shine! Sign Up


Jazz Heels with Mackenzie Lewis

Dripping with style, Mackenzie’s jazz style is technical, classic, and sultry. Recommended for intermediate to advanced dancers. Character shoes optional. Sign Up


Contemporary with Mackenzie Lewis

This class will explore dynamic flowing movements as well as intricate details for a physical, expressive experience. Bare feet, socks, or turners recommended. Sign Up


Ballet Contemporary with Julia Olsem

This class brings a dynamic, beautiful blend of classical ballet technique into modern-day contemporary dance to create powerful, stunning movement. Bare feet, socks, or turners recommended. Sign Up


Heels with Bre Poliak

Back by popular demand! Bre’s heels choreography is a dynamic blend of strong, but stylized movements. Come see why people love her powerful, yet technical style of heels! Supportive heels or character shoes optional. Sign Up

Bre Poliak

Cardio Dance

February 1 – May 19

Thursdays, 4:15 to 5:00 in the Dance Studio

Ages 18+

Fee: $146 for 15 weeks, or a punch card for 5 classes is $49

Instructor: Bre Poliak

Cardio Dance is a fun, upbeat class that doesn’t require any prior dance experience. This class offers simple, repetitive choreography that is specific to each song, and many of the movements can be modified to the individual’s level. The same set of songs, along with the choreography, is used throughout the session, allowing you to focus on gettin’ your groove (and sweat) on!

Toddler Dance Party

Parent/Toddler Dance Party (FULL)

Ages: 2–5 with parent or caregiver
Saturday, February 24 @ 4–5 p.m.
Location: Dance Studio.
Fee: $10/family

Shake off those winter blues at the Phipps' first-ever parent/caregiver and toddler dance party! Ms. Greta will play fun music and disco lights for you to move and groove to however you feel! She will also lead follow-along songs and bring out everyone's favorites... scarves and shakers! Wear whatever clothes you like to groove in as well as either socks, jazz shoes, or ballet shoes. Maximum 12 families. This class requires a parent/guardian attend with child(ren).

Tai chi 500 x 300

Tai Chi

Wednesdays @ 9:30–11:30 a.m.
Art Studio 1
Fee: Punch cards may be purchased for $100 for eight classes. Classes are ongoing and taken at any time. Students only pay for the classes they attend.

Andrew Weil, M.D. a world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, often seen on PBS, states, “I view tai chi as an effective form of mental and physical stimulation, and very beneficial for overall health. Like yoga, tai chi is a reliable method of stress reduction and relaxation, and it promotes flexibility, balance, and good body awareness. It is pleasing to watch and perform, and as [a recent] study suggests, it may be the best type of exercise to reduce the risk of injury from falls among seniors.”

Meeting the needs of both the beginning and experienced practitioner, this class offers the Yang style long form of tai chi chuan. New students are encouraged to come and try a class before purchasing a punch card. Mark Tomlinson is a certified tai chi instructor with 20 years of experience.

Dance Tap 2023

2023–2024 Dance Program

From better physical and mental health to a boost in emotional and social well-being, moving your body to the sound of music can transform your life. Classes are available for dancers of all ages and at all skill levels including tap, jazz, lyrical, adaptive, ballroom, and more.

Classes run September through May.

Registration is now closed for full-season classes.

Cool Phipps Dance Companies

Phipps Dance Companies

The Phipps Dance Company and the Phipps Junior Dance Company provide young dancers with the opportunity to challenge their technique and artistry on a higher level in a non-competitive setting.

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