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Dance and Movement Classes

Dance and Movement

Get in the groove. From novice to master, we’re here to get our community moving. Dance classes at the Phipps teach dancers an art that soothes the body and the mind. We believe whether you’re age 6 months or 102... dance is for you.

Summer Arts Camp 500 x 300

Summer Dance Classes

Looking for summer dance classes? Look no further! Summer Arts Camp has classes for ages 3 to 18 in dance, visual arts, and theater. All summer dance classes are listed in our Summer Arts Camp catalog.

Adult Tap Good

Adult Dance

Looking for a more mature crowd to get your groove on with? Look no further!

Master Class 2024 Summer

Dance Master Classes

Master Classes are individual classes designed for mature dancers to challenge themselves and connect through movement. Master classes rotate styles and instructors seasonally. Come learn from our very own masters!

PDC Audition 24-25

Auditions for Phipps Dance Company & Phipps Junior Dance Company

The Phipps Dance Company and Phipps Junior Dance Company are having auditions for the 2024-2025 season in May.

Cool Phipps Dance Companies

Phipps Dance Companies

The Phipps Dance Company and the Phipps Junior Dance Company provide young dancers with the opportunity to challenge their technique and artistry on a higher level in a non-competitive setting.

Dance Education Newsletter

Check our our new dance newsletterss!