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March 4 – April 17

March 4 – April 16

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Marty Harris

“I am not a Polemic. I do not make pictures to promote causes, or debate points of view. While I am in the fine art process, I am simply making pictures, hopefully pictures I haven’t seen before. One mark follows the next, and often a theme reveals itself. Maybe it’s less like a theme and more like a hook, something for viewers to hang their hats on.”
– Marty Harris (St. Paul, Minn.)


Anthony Meadows

“We seek to question the influence of our ancient and prehistoric predecessors on our modern behaviors. We strive to develop connections between our past and present, and how this routinely gives us more insight into how we haven’t changed rather than the opposite. “Human history shows us that we have always felt satisfaction in completing rituals. Through our work we seek to expose how technology has simultaneously eroded and encouraged this behavior, and the correlation or causation it has to the treatment of space and objects.”
– Anthony Meadows and Elizabeth West (St. Croix Falls, Wis.)

Elizabeth West



Kay Raabe

“My art, like that of many artists, is inspired by light. When reflected off a surface, we perceive it as values (light to dark) and as an infinite array of color variations. It also defines shapes, lines and more. My art is my personal, creative, response to the light I see.”
– Kay Raabe (St. Paul, Minn.)


Teresa Audet
Photo by Easton Green

“My practice explores the role of art-making as a meditative tool for emotional processing. The act of object making supplies a cathartic function; through the use of hand tools and repetitive actions, I am able to express sentiment. As a result, my work serves as a visual diary, telling secrets between my inner thoughts and the objects produced from my hands.”
– Teresa Audet (Minneapolis, Minn.)


Vicki Ehlers and Patty Kuebker Johnson working together on a group project inspired by the Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area

Awakening: Inspired by Interconnections
This exhibition explores the close relationship between humans and the natural world and suggests a new understanding of their interdependence. It features new work by artists who participated in the What We Need is Here 2021-2022 seminar series, exploring the role of art and sustainability to create thriving communities. It reflects their shared experiences during monthly meetings at The Phipps and at off-site locations, as well as a two-day summer retreat in the Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area. The theme for the series was “symbiosis”, defined as “a close, prolonged association between two or more different organisms or different species that benefit each member.”

The meetings included:
• a session led by member artists Gloria Adrian and Jan Hayman to understand the complex and emerging concept of the “Symbiocene”, a new era in which the interdependence of humans and the natural world is celebrated and prioritized;
• a workshop with River Falls poet Thomas R. Smith on the relationship between poetry and nature;
• a forest bathing workshop at Willow River State Park led by Twin Cities artist Annie Hejny;
• a presentation by Duluth-based artist Moira Villiard on her exhibit at The Phipps, “Doublethink: The Rights of the Child”;
• a critical response session facilitated by member artist Jill Waterhouse and focused on the work in progress for this exhibit;
• and a workshop organized by member artists Gloria Adrian and Teri Power, using natural materials gathered during the retreat at the Barrens.

“Awakening” includes the group project inspired by the Barrens and participating artists’ individual responses to their experiences throughout the seminar meetings. Through these experiences, the artists have begun to understand more deeply the significance of the interdependence of species throughout the natural world, even those we cannot see and which may be deep underground.

Participating artists are Gloria Adrian, Barb Bend, Vicki Ehlers, Jeanne Friedell, Stephen J. Gates, Deanna Grigus, Theresa Harsma, Jan Hayman, Janet Houck, Patty Kuebker Johnson, Cheryl Maplethorpe, Lynn Pagliarini, Bonnie Ploger, Teri Power, Nan Riegel, Sue Rowe, Theresa Schousek, Judy Smith, Krista Spieler, Laura Tiede, Jill Waterhouse, and Linda Webster.


Greg Lecker

“While I paint, I am sorely aware of the transience of nature’s phenomena: changing light, flowing water, melting ice, and fleeting time. This is reflected in my “mark making” — thick gestural strokes as well as less defined thinner passages.”
– Greg Lecker (Minneapolis, Minn.)