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Phipps Community Day

Phipps Community Day FBE Free

Phipps Community Day

February 24
10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Free & Open to the Public

The Phipps Center for the Arts is set to open its doors to the community in a showcase of art, creativity, and connection. Join us on February 24 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. for Phipps Community Day, a free, family-friendly event open to the public that offers a unique opportunity for community members to come together, see how we make the magic happen, and explore the inner workings of the Phipps. We’re pulling back the curtain for you with behind-the-scenes tours, mini-performances, hands-on activities, giveaways and more. It offers a unique opportunity for our whole community to engage with the arts in a welcoming and interactive environment.

Join us for exclusive Guided Tours:

  • Behind the Curtain Tour, with access to the backstage, scene shop, and costume shop
  • Phipps Art Tour, a guided walk through our galleries
  • Backstage Pipes, demonstration and tour of our historic 1926 Wurlitzer Theater Pipe Organ

Activities for everyone:

  • Musical performance from the Phipps Music Council in the Rotunda
  • Drop-in art making activity for all ages in our Art Studio
  • Pottery Wheel demonstrations
  • Painting demonstrations
  • Explore the Phipps on your own with a self-guided tour
  • Giveaways—performance tickets! artist-designed bags! Phipps t-shirts!

Learn more about the Phipps:

  • Program information for classes and events in dance, visual art, drama, children’s theater and music
  • Details about all the fun ways to get involved with the Phipps, from volunteering backstage to the scene shop to performances

Tour Schedule

10:00 Music performance, Rotunda (MC)

10:15 Backstage tour—backstage, scene shop, costume shop (DC/CTC)

10:30 Gallery Tour (VAC)

10:45 Pipe Organ tour (MC)

11:00 Backstage tour—backstage, scene shop, costume shop (DC/CTC)

11:15 Gallery Tour (VAC)

11:30 Music performance, Rotunda (MC)

11:45 Backstage Tour—backstage, scene shop, costume shop (DC/CTC)

12:00 Gallery Tour (VAC)

12:15 Pipe Organ tour (MC)

12:30 Backstage Tour—backstage, scene shop, costume shop (DC/CTC)


February 24