Virtual Gallery Exhibit | May 8 – June 14

Starting DateMay 8, 2020

Ending DateSeptember 1, 2020

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Becca Cerra – Minneapolis, MN – photography and steel sculpture

“I work at the intersection of visual and performing arts, often combining elements of sculpture with contemporary dance and partner acrobatics to create a unique, hybrid art form. I use steel for my sculptures because of the way its rigidity and coldness contrasts against the softness, fragility, and impermanence of the human body. I also work with metal because of the physicality it demands. I have to use my entire body in the process. Thus, the work becomes both of and for the body.”

– Becca Cerra (Minneapolis, Minn.)


Casey Beck – St. Paul, MN – ceramics

“Through firing atmospheric kilns, I engage a dialogue between material, form, process and self. The final object is a record, or a memory, of this dialogue and a narrative of how the flame danced across the surface of the form and interacted with the materials. Sometimes the memory will be intense with a high amount of information and contrast. On the other end of the spectrum, the memory can also be gentle and very quiet, with subtle colors and contrast. The memories are never alike and are always a spontaneous mark of the flame.”

– Casey Beck (St. Paul, Minn.)


Jeffrey Hansen – St. Paul, MN – acrylic on canvas

“I thrive on sharing my visual discoveries through use of lifelong learned techniques in the realm of Abstract Expression and ‘action painting’ with the desire and hope that my artwork guides a unique focus into one’s self-imagination and connection to themselves and the reality that surrounds them. By taking chances with building up or breaking through multiple layers and visual boundaries, I allow certain freedoms of the medium to emerge with an anticipated balance of control that is an unknown, yet intentional factor of my process.”

– Jeffrey Hansen (St. Paul, Minn.)


Marty Harris – St. Louis Park, MN – mixed media printmaking

“Though I am not what anyone would call a polemical artist, one who goes out of his way to incite debate over the current world issues, that does not mean I don’t lean in on such topics as the impact of humans on ecosystems across the planet. I hope that as you view my pictures you will recognize signs of misunderstandings between nature and me.… As far as I may ever lean into subjects of biodiversity, habitat, and natural resources I’m sure this will always be the case.”

– Marty Harris (St. Louis Park, Minn.)


Greg Lecker – Minneapolis, MN – oil on canvas

“My art transports viewers to settings filled with motion & emotion. I work from direct observation as well as from creative writing and photographic references I assemble while studying the natural world. I love working with oil paint and celebrate its application especially in my plein air work. I wield brush, palette knife, my gloved hands, and other tools in response to changing light, weather, and mood.”

– Greg Lecker (Minneapolis, Minn.)


Teresa Audet – Minneapolis, MN – wood sculpture

“I create contemporary craft objects utilizing sculptural woodworking in combination with experimental basketry and weaving. My practice explores the role of art-making as a meditative tool for emotional processing. The act of object making supplies a cathartic function; through the use of hand tools and repetitive actions, I am able to express sentiment. As a result, my work serves as a visual diary, telling secrets between my inner thoughts and the objects produced from my hands. My work lives in the space between function and non-function and mirrors my own balance of logic and emotion.”

– Teresa Audet (Minneapolis, Minn.)


Tropical Wings Youth Art Exhibit – Costa Rica and Hudson, Wisconsin

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