The Healing Arts Program

Starting DateJanuary 2, 2020

Ending DateJanuary 1, 2021

Ticket PricesFree

Event Description

The Phipps Center for the Arts collaborates with Hudson Hospital & Clinic and Westfields Hospital & Clinic, New Richmond, Wis., to provide Healing Arts Programs at each venue. Work by more than 20 local and regional artists is on view at any given time, and exhibits rotate quarterly. Receptions, which are open to the public, are held quarterly for each program, to celebrate the creativity of the participating artists.



Upcoming Exhibits at Hudson Hospital & Clinic



On view at Hudson Hospital & Clinic through February 9: Randy and Lisa Lee, Dodie and Mary Logue, and the Natural Heritage Project


On view through March 1: Mandel Cameron and Susan Gangsei

“The process of weaving is meditative for me and something that brings calm and perspective back into my life when circumstances seem overwhelming. I found that I enjoyed designing the tapestry as much, if not more, than I did the weaving. The images that appeared helped me make sense of my world – the brokenness and pain as well as the joy and gifts.”

– Susan Gangsei (Minneapolis, Minn.)


On view January 8 – April 5: Derrick Burburl, Brian Jensen, Susan McLean Keeney, and Susan Rupp

“… I create images that appear to be grainy modernist styled black and white photographs. However, what the viewer sees as ‘grain’ from a distance become words as the viewer is drawn in closer to the image. The viewer is left to reconcile the connotation of the image and denotation of the words.”

– Derrick Burbul (Kearney, Neb.)


On view February 12 – May 3: Chris Cinque, Natalie McGuire, Kat Nottingham, Nate Saunders, and Patricia Undis.


Upcoming Exhibits at Westfields Hospital and Clinic



On view at Westfields Hospital & Clinic through January 14: Steph Kunze, Naomi Salgado, and Alice Savitski


On view through March 10: Medicine Men Series, Outdoor Painters of Minnesota, and Bjorn Willms

 “My work is a combination of photography, digital design and drawing … My inspiration comes from my natural surroundings and the feelings they can invoke, feelings of peace, hope and serenity. I believe that connecting with nature can calm your mind and bring joy to your heart.”

– Bjorn Willms (St. Paul, Minn.)


On view January 17 – April 14: Terry Butler, Megan A. Schmidt, Trish Toro, and Angela Wix.

 “Looking at images and items full of joy has become a daily meditative practice that stimulates self-awareness. I draw on interests of vintage goods, textiles, patterned fabric, color, emotion, nostalgia, language and nature. My goal is to provide something you can lose yourself in, if only for a moment, and come away from with encouragement and comfort.”

– Angela Wix (Hudson, Wis.)



Hudson Hospital & Clinic and Westfields Hospital & Clinic encourage the community to visit their facilities to see the healing artwork that is displayed throughout each campus. Stop by Monday through Sunday between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Due to patient privacy and hospital security policies, some areas where artwork is displayed may be restricted.

To learn more or to schedule a group artwork tour, please contact Chelsea Long at 715.531.6059 or

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