A Community Mural – Project 30.1

Starting DateDecember 30, 2020

Ending DateDecember 31, 2021

Event Description

Join us for a Project 30.1 Workshop at The Phipps on March 6.

Project 30.1 is a vital opportunity for The Phipps to participate in a meaningful community art project by providing our professional expertise to facilitate artists’ involvement and engage the community through participation and discourse. This project recognizes that a tragic event occurred on May 25th of this year, not too far from our community, and the fact that it had an immediate and significant impact on society locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. The intent of the mural is not to focus on the individuals involved in this event or to point fingers or assign blame, but rather to acknowledge that the moment in time when George Floyd was killed sparked a new and renewed commitment by many to better understand racial issues and racism and their role to create change.


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Project 30.1 Information Sheet (created by lead artist, Liz Malanaphy)

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Diversity & Inclusion Resources (created by Hudson Inclusion Alliance)


Project 30.1 is a creation of Hudson artist Liz Malanaphy in collaboration with The Phipps, Hudson Inclusion Alliance, and Sustain Hudson. The Project 30.1 mural is hosted and supported by Hans and Joan Friese.

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