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Jazz [ages 8 through Adult]

Sep 13 - May 22

Jazz dance classes will explore the energy, variety, and vitality of classic and contemporary dance styles. Classes will begin with a warm-up to develop strength, flexibility, correct alignment and coordination; followed by progressions across the floor; and culminating in extended combinations. Dancers will learn the importance of emphasizing energy, rhythmical accuracy, and style. The goal is to develop dancers who are expressive, dynamic, musical, and passionate. Students must complete each level in order to advance to the next level. It is common to stay in the same level for two or more years.

Dress requirement: leotards and leggings or fitted dancewear, jazz shoes

Beginning  ages 8-12
Thur Art Studio 4:50 – 5:30
Rachel Werner $128/half year
Beginning  ages 10-12 CANCELLED
Mon Art Studio 5:25 – 6:05
Abby Countryman $128/half year
Intermediate  ages 9 -11 CANCELLED
Mon Art Studio 6:40 – 7:20
Abby Countryman $128/half year
Intermediate  ages 9-12
Tue Art Studio 6:50 – 7:30
Greta Lewis $128/half year
Advanced  ages 10-12
Tue Art Studio 3:45 – 4:25
Greta Lewis $128/half year
Beginning, Teen/Adult
Mon Art Studio 7:25 – 8:15
Abby Countryman $160/half year
Intermediate, Teen/Adult
Thur Dance Studio 5:25 – 6:25
Megan Bauer $192/half year
Advanced, Teen/Adult
Thur Dance Studio 4:20 – 5:20
Megan Bauer $192/half year

Covid Safety:
Currently, our area is a high level of community transmission of COVID per the CDC.  As advised by the CDC and St. Croix County Public Health Department:FACE MASK WILL BE REQUIRED for anyone in the center until further notice, regardless of status.

We also ask that any participant or guest who is ill or showing symptoms should not attend any programs unless cleared by a physician.Vaccinations, social distancing as much as possible, and frequent hand washing are strongly encouraged.


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