Gallery Exhibits | January 19 – February 25

Starting DateJanuary 19, 2018

Ending DateFebruary 25, 2018

Event Description

Opening Reception: Friday, January 19, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. with a Gallery Talk by Ani Kasten at 6:00 p.m.

Gallery One – Lou Ferreri, St. Paul, MN
“Drawing on the surface of ever changing newspaper headlines underscores the idea that below the surface of our lives the news resides as perpetual and infiltrating background noise. These renderings elaborate on ordinary and extraordinary phenomena, physical preoccupations, anxieties, and observations regarding the details of everyday living.”

Gallery Two

Peter Mak, Hastings, MN
“I take inspiration from my recent travels to the mountainous regions of Tibet (Shangri-La), where I experienced the landscape, people, their religion, culture, architecture, clothing and colors.”

Jenn Angell, River Falls, WI
“With this work, I am attempting to access that which cannot be seen, only felt once upon a time and decided by the mind that they were too hard, too heavy to process, the things that my mind has shoved somewhere deep into the depths of itself, to examine the disturbances that I have preserved.”

Gallery Three – Jessica Mongeon, Rice Lake, WI
“These acrylic paintings explore the idea of scale in nature based on self-similarity. Self-similarity is when an object is similar to a part of itself; if you change the scale, e.g. by looking at an object in a microscope or from a distance, the object will look the same.”

Overlook Gallery – Susan Strand-Penman, Hudson, WI
“I am interested in exploring the delicate relationship between humans and nature. I am fascinated with the beauty and wonder of the natural landscape. Inspired by the quiet, spiritual qualities of a dark forest or mossy knoll, I find myself drawn to the textures and shadows found within these captivating places.”

Atrium Gallery
Earth and Water: Ceramic Art in the St. Croix Valley

The Phipps Center for the Arts in partnership with Northern Clay Center presents Ani Kasten.

Since completing her ceramic training in the United Kingdom in 2001, Ani Kasten has developed a unique studio practice in which she draws from
her extensive travel experiences of collaborating and working alongside artisans from diverse cultures. Her training in England as well as the
five years she spent working in Nepal were a formative influence on Kasten’s ceramics, which draw on minimalist British studio pottery, as well as weathered, handmade antiquities made by indigenous peoples throughout Asia.

Reflecting nature, Kasten’s ceramics incorporate repeated markings and patterns, and explore asymmetry while retaining balance, lightness, and quietude of form. The work is infused with a contemporary aesthetic while at the same time reminding one of an ancient artifact exposed to the rigors of time. They embody the intersection of the rough and the refined, the ugly and the beautiful, forms imbued with extreme fragility and with inner strength, manifesting the contradictions and opposing forces we find in ourselves throughout the human experience.

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