Gallery Exhibits | December 8, 2017 – January 14, 2018

Starting DateDecember 8, 2017

Ending DateJanuary 14, 2018

Event Description

Opening Reception: Friday, December 8, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Gallery talk by featured artists: Casey Beck, Emily Romens, and Lisa Vang at 6:00 p.m.

Gallery One: Nadia Alenov, St. Paul

“Painting over my photographs with wax medium brings me deep into an image. The sculptural attributes of the wax helps me explore every detail. Melting down, dry brushing and carving the wax allows me to examine the beauty and emotion of the land, its seasons and atmospheres while enhancing the textural properties of the terrain.” | Instagram: @nadiaalenov

Gallery Two: James Smead, St. Paul

“I want these vessels to appear quiet when seen, but reveal themselves with close inspection and continual use.  The way an object can translate emotions when held is an understanding I strive for.  I want my pots to remind the user of the humanity within the objects we use, along with the mortality of everything around us.”
Instagram: @james_smead

Gallery Two: Pat Barnick, St. Paul

“My forming process slips casually between wheel-thrown objects and the aggressive hand-working of vessels. This method of making allows me to freely transfer and relate information from piece to piece, further allowing for purity of expression within each individual object.”

Gallery Two: Sarah Filipi, Blaine, MN

“Nature is the fundamental inspiration and driving force behind why I create. Landscapes, preserving nature and world travel are all products of inspiration through exploration.” | Instagram: @sarahgracephotog

Gallery Three: Wendy Lacska, Hudson

“In nature I both lose and find myself – especially when the light reveals a scene that captures me, that steals me away. I am a plein air and studio painter, but no matter where I am working my paintings are more about the mood, feeling and memory each landscape generates than about any specific place, or recognizable details.”

Overlook Gallery: Bri Larson, Hastings, MN

“I have a deep love affair with the use of line in my drawings and pottery. I use contour line in my art because I can focus on keeping the lines organic and alive, much like the lines you would find in nature through rocks, horizons and streams.” | Instagram: @brilarsonart

Riverview Gallery: Western Wisconsin Photography Club

The Western Wisconsin Photography Club is comprised of photography enthusiasts from western Wisconsin and the Twin Cities.  Members come from a variety of backgrounds, have diverse interests, varying skill sets and equipment. The most important commonality is their passion for photography.  This exhibit showcases the talents and varied subject matter of some of the most talented members of the club. The Western Wisconsin Photography Club meets monthly at the Phipps Center for the Arts in Hudson, and invites you to visit the website for more information:

Atrium Gallery:

Earth and Water:  Ceramic Art in the St. Croix Valley

The Phipps Center for the Arts in partnership with Northern Clay Center presents Casey Beck, Emily Romens, and Lisa Vang

The three ceramic artists featured in this exhibit are students or recent graduates of the University of Wisconsin at River Falls. Their work represents diverse takes on the use of clay.

Lisa Vang, Cottage Grove, MN

“I am second generation Hmong American born in the ghetto and raised in the suburbs… By taking the symbols and stylistic imagery from Hmong textiles and translating them onto mediums not well known to Hmong art, I hope to build a bridge between both worlds…”

Casey Beck, River Falls, MN

“Working in the mid-west, my work is inspired by both the flat landscapes and humble pots of local potters. These flat landscapes allow for snow to fall freely and create a blanket over the landscape. The snowy landscapes are picked up by wind and beautiful textural and gradated wind drifts are formed. The work relates back to this…the flat plains of the pots are textured and gradations of atmosphere are created on the pots by the kiln.”

Emily Romens

“This is an observation of patterns and behaviors; learned and taught from my life. This is a collection of objects investigating the right to womanliness. This is a physical manifestation of my definition of womanliness.”

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