Gallery Exhibition | June 22 – July 29

Starting DateJune 22, 2018

Ending DateJuly 29, 2018

Event Description

Opening Reception: Friday, June 22,
6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Gallery One
Matt Ollig | Minneapolis, MN

“My paintings portray the fragmentary nature of memories and human experience with a literal depiction via large multi-panel oil paintings. My paintings accomplish this by depicting subject matter akin to how we view the world: not as a realized whole, but as a series of seemingly disparate elements loosely joined together to form a semi-cohesive representative amalgamation.”

Gallery Two
Barbara Evan | St. Paul, MN
“I’m searching for a feeling of vast space, wind, swirling energy. Galaxies, yes, but perhaps also the energy tightly encased in common stones, or an urgent, inchoate form of writing. Multiple layers intensify these ideas and the emotions inherent in them.
There’s the mystery of hidden objects along with the total effect of the layers.”

Mic Johnson | Golden Valley, MN
“In my work, I seek to express the most fundamental forms of language. I look to the language of landscapes, of architecture, graphics, and the fundamentals of our own written language – the alphabet – as the basis of the work. I make a series of abstract
paintings on paper, deconstruct and re-assemble them layer by layer—discovering new relationships within each layer.”

Riverview Gallery
Anne Rynearson | St. Paul, MN

“In recent years, my imagery has been centered on metaphorical attachments and ephemeral aspects of nature, processes of transformation, entropy and reclamation, as well as reimagining realms of experience between the spiritual and the ordinary everyday. I enjoy the challenge of integrating formal and conceptual duality by amalgamating images with patterns, forms and color glazes in multiple layers and with multiple matrices.”

Gallery Three and Overlook Gallery
Sister Arts: Poetry and Visual Art (Ekphrasis)

Poetry Readings | Free and open to the public

Friday, June 22, 8:00 p.m., Black Box Theater
Sunday, July 29, 2:00 p.m., Riverview Gallery

Curated by Lee Kisling, Lana Sjoberg, and Margaret Welshons. Ekphrasis is visual arts and poetry in conversation. It is the unique opportunity for two artists of different genres to create a third channel of expression which deepens the impact of both pieces of artwork. It could be collaboration, or it may be a reaction to a finished piece.

For this show, the curators invited visual artists and poets to submit art and poetry and to express their preference to be “subject” or “responder.” Responders chose from the assembled archive of subjects’ art/poetry. The curators matched artists with poets, poets with artists, and then “turned them loose to be imaginative, creative and amazing.”

Participating Artists:
Melissa Belanger
Barb Bend
Mary Ann Carlson
Gary Carlson
Kate Christopher
Nancy Condon
Kat Corrigan
Renee and Jim Engebretson
Steve Gates
Kate Gomez
Steve Johnson
Cheryl LeClair-Sommers
Chelsea Long
Alison McClocklin
George Moore
David Raven
Glenn Riddle
Lana Sjoberg
Marcia Söderman
Jill Van Sickle
Mary Welke
Participating Poets:
Maren Hinderly
Doc Burkard
Pat Carlson
Paula Cisewski
John Graber
Deborah Keenan
Lee Kisling
Dore Kiesselbach
Michael Kleber-Diggs
Mary Logue
Jeanne Lutz
Juliet Patterson
Anne Piper
Paul Schaefer
Susannah Sheffer
Jan Shoemaker
Su Smallen
Thomas R. Smith
Mary Ellen West
Carolyn Williams-Noren
Morgan Grayce Willow 


Gallery hours:
Monday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m.– 4:30 p.m.
Sunday from 12:00 p.m.– 4:30 p.m.
Galleries also open one hour prior to performances.

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