Gallery Exhibit | Murmurations: Artists as Shape Shifters | April 13 – May 6

Starting DateApril 13, 2018

Ending DateMay 6, 2018

Event Description

Once a month, from July 2017 through April 2018, a dedicated a group of local artists gathered at the center and off-site locations in the St. Croix River watershed for a series of seminars exploring these overarching questions: What are sustainable artmaking practices? What is the role of artists to increase public understanding of art and sustainable issues? And, how can artists effect change?

Atrium Gallery Exhibit:

Murmurations: Artists as Shape Shifters features new work that relates to the artists’ experiences during the seminar series. The title refers to the natural phenomenon of a massive starling flock in flight twisting and turning as one. How and why this occurs remains a scientific mystery, yet the changing shapes and patterns caused by the birds’ movement are awe-inspiring. For the artists in the seminar series, murmuration serves as a metaphor for resiliency and adaptation to climate change. Together, these individual expressions create a dynamic form to encourage communities of thrivability.

Meet the artists at a public reception on Friday, May 4, from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Participating artists:
Gloria Adrian, Barb Bend, Amanda Bierbaum, Donna Crocker, Vicki Ehlers, Stephen Gates, Phyllis Goldin and Wanda Brown, Deanna Grigus, Theresa Harsma, Jan Hayman, Janet Houck, Patty Kuebker Johnson, Steve King, Deb Lucero, Michaela Mahady, Cheryl Maplethorpe, Teri Power, Nan Riegel, Sue Rowe, Judy Saye-Willis, Dee Schultz, Judy Smith, Krista Spieler, Laura Tiede,
Rebecca Tolle, Jill Waterhouse, and Linda Webster.

This project received funding from the St. Croix Valley Foundation and the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin.

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