Gallery Exhibit | March 2 – April 8

Starting DateMarch 2, 2018

Ending DateApril 8, 2018

Event Description

Join Us for the Opening Reception
Friday, March 2, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
with a gallery talk by Marjorie Wade at 6:00 p.m.

Gallery One: Sophia Heymans, Minneapolis, MN
“In my paintings, the plants and landforms are characters, able to express their personality after hundreds of years of human dominance. Thin sheets of fog stretch across the canvas like yawning arms. Islands and their reflections look like the floating heads of spirits or monsters at rest. Raindrops fall ecstatically from the sky, pooling into dozens of rivers and waterfalls that cascade off the bottom of the canvas.”

Gallery Two: Jordan Landauer, Minneapolis, MN
“Art is an incredible outlet for our imaginations. Working with clay has become a compulsion. Tuning the outside world out and dropping deep into imagination. Creating functional ware has been opportunistic in developing and sharing that creativity with others. There are risks involved with all art-making however that risk is always embraced as a fundamental to the passion of creation.”

Gallery Two: Sandy Bot-Miller, St. Cloud, MN
“My art tools are simple: metal hoops, a generous supply of fibers and a three-inch tapestry needle. I play with color, shape and texture to give expression to ethereal dreams, figures, sacred objects, animal spirits and landscapes. Many of the images in my art are attempts to represent the human yearning for connection, beauty and integration of that which arises from the unconscious.”

Gallery Three: Beth Barron, St. Paul, MN
“I’d like my work to be a monument to the resiliency of the human spirit and a wish for wholeness. In repurposing used, discarded bandages and other found textiles … my intentions are towards acceptance of conditions as they are, openhearted compassion for myself and others, and to lessen suffering.”

Overlook Gallery: Nicolas Darcourt, Minnetonka, MN
“I focus on a mix of architectural ornament, exposed layers of earth, engineered forms, discarded byproduct and industrial parts. I am fascinated by the simultaneous accumulation of both new and old which overlaps itself as decades pass.”

Riverview Gallery: Bob Schmitt, Minneapolis, MN
“I have been an artist as long as I can remember. However, my relationship with the bamboo brush began when I was twelve years old. There was an art program on television teaching basic sumi-e (Asian black ink painting). I would come home after school and sit in front of the TV with my brush, paper and ink. Each day would be a different object to paint: orchid, crab, etc. This is how I became attached to the brush.”

Atrium Gallery: Marjorie Wade, Afton, MN

Earth and Water: Ceramic Art in the St. Croix Valley The Phipps Center for the Arts in partnership with Northern Clay Center presents Marjorie Wade.
“Spirit surrounds us. Its elements — Earth, Water, Fire and Air — work together in harmony. As these elements combine and affect each pot individually, no two are alike.”

Galleries Hours:
Monday – Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Sunday, noon to 4:30 p.m.; as well as one hour before and during performances in the theater.

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