Gallery Exhibit | March 1 – April 7

Starting DateMarch 1, 2019

Ending DateApril 7, 2019

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Event Description

Opening Reception: Friday, March 1, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.


Galleries hours


Monday – Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Sunday, noon – 4:30 p.m.

As well as one hour before and during intermission at all performances in the theaters.

The Phipps will be closed Sunday, April 21.


Judd Nelson – Gallery One


“I grew up in Minnesota and love being in the outdoors observing the wildlife and totally immersing myself into all the varied landscapes. I started welding in my high school art class at age 15, and two years later I had my own set of welding tanks.”

– Judd Nelson (Wayzata, Minn.)


Craig Snyder – Gallery One


 “Sculpture is my thing. I appreciate all forms of art but working in three dimensions appeals to me in so many ways. I try to keep pushing myself each year to make better and more interesting work and to enhance my techniques and artistry. I’ve embraced the concept of wabi-sabi  — sometimes the imperfection is perfection.”

– Craig Snyder (Plymouth, Minn.)


Lindsey Aleman – Gallery Two


“Ink wash is an element that I use in my work to represent chaos. I suspend the ink in various liquids to create different effects, but as soon as it touches the mylar — the surface on which these drawings exist — it’s out of my control. The ink wash reaches out and takes over the substrate however it chooses.”

– Lindsey Aleman (St. Paul, Minn.)


 Krista Anderson-Larson –  Gallery Two


“By extracting common bathroom objects from their traditional context and inserting them into an art space, my work creates a psychological dissonance between our familiarity with the forms and our usual encounters with them. With interventions such as arranging objects in uncomfortable proximity to each other or asserting a precise universally fleshy color palette, the sculptures become anthropomorphized and referential to a body or bodies.”

– Krista Anderson-Larson (St. Paul, Minn.)


Lisa Anderson – Gallery Three


“I am infatuated with squares and rectangles reminiscent of windows and doors. Sunlight through a window is incredibly inspiring. I’m intrigued and indirectly guided in my work by shapes and shadows cast at different times of the day.”

– Lisa Anderson (Minneapolis, Minn.)


 Jane Wunrow – Overlook Gallery


 “My aesthetic and conceptual approach is largely influenced by the fragmentary nature of dreams I have received and the interconnectedness of visions, neurology, and migraine auras. Thus, the abstracted images represent only pieces of fleeting subconscious memories and are not literal representations, but an elusive reflection of our own individual understanding of identity; a metaphysical exploration into the nature of self and our relationship with the Divine.”

 – Jane Wunrow (St. Paul, Minn.)


 Adam Smrcka – Gallery Two


“In creating my work, I strive to offer the users of my pieces the opportunity to appreciate a handmade vessel purposefully made for use in everyday life; serving as a vehicle for food used to sustain our bodies … My goal is to convey the importance of appreciating the small things in life that we may overlook … our environment or the daily events and interactions with family, friends and loved ones that make our lives distinctly unique.”

– Adam Smrcka (Neillsville, Wis.)


Cross River Connections – Riverview Gallery


Cross River Connections explores a community of connectedness created between students from St. Olaf College and the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, when they fired their work together in the McKeachie-Johnston Anagama kiln. The exhibiting artists are Casey Beck, Elliot Corbett, Heather Kennedy, Stephanie Lenertz, David Morrison, Claire Nelson, Hannah Prichard, Macy Stormont, and Matthew Wilhelm.

Cross River Connections, organized by Casey Beck and David Morrison, is part of  Claytopia, the 53rd annual conference of the National Council on Education for Ceramic Arts, which will take place in Minneapolis, Minn., March 27 – 30.

For more information about  Claytopia, go to

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