Gallery Exhibit | June 23 – July 30

Starting DateJune 23, 2017

Ending DateJuly 30, 2017

Ticket PricesFREE Admission

Event Description

Opening Reception: Friday, June 23

6:30-8:30 p.m.

Gallery One
“With the advent of the internet, video games and social media, we can experience natural wonders never having left our seats…This new medium of virtual navigation is exchanging an actual experience for an abstraction of experience, forming new habits of thought and behavior about the natural world…It is this ‘intangible’ experience of the landscape that interests me as an artist.”
– Alyssa Baguss (Anoka, Minn.)

Gallery Two
“My aim is to share stories through ceramic figures and sculptural forms. these narratives include a series of tributes highlighting people who are selflessly serving others, a few works spotlighting  those who are imprisoned for their faith, and a new grouping of works on the anxieties of daily life… I try to engage the viewer to put the pieces of the story together as they investigate the sculpture.”
– Angela Heida (Andover, Minn.)
“Visual artists are like storytellers. Everyone really has a story to tell, demonstrate or live by. People are seen and understood by their story. It’s a way to get at the source of a person’s life, direction and intention. Sometimes a person can be summed up in a single word or phrase. For me, the word is ‘playful.’ That is the source and undercurrent spring from which I am blessed to be able to drink.”
– Joseph Haid (Hudson, Wis.)

Gallery Three
“We trail our private lives into the public sphere on a daily basis…We dread being alone, yet technology makes our solitude acceptable if we are experiencing it amongst others. I strive to capture the mood, the air stirring around the seemingly lonesome souls in the very public place of the cafe.”
– Clinton Rost (Minneapolis, Minn.)

Riverview Gallery
“I’m interested in telling stories, or at least in suggesting stories. I love artwork that you can interpret…My favorite illustrations are full of characters and symbols, action and decoration all working together. I don’t need to know for sure what’s going on. The best pictures are the ones that you can puzzle over and imagine the story, or maybe imagine several stories all at once.”
– Adam Reef (St. Paul, Minn.)
“I work in a traditional way of making cloth, but the colors I choose are vibrant, bringing new life to the world of weaving. I choose to use bold colors as a symbol as an appreciation for life. The weaving process slows down the creation of cloth making where much of it today is industrialized. I want my viewers to connect themselves back to the Earth where the materials of my work originate in deep, ancient practice.”
– Lisa Marshall (New Richmond, Wis.)

Overlook Gallery
“I am drawn to work with wood because it is a material that was once alive. I find the tree’s story memorialized in the knots, wormholes and other particularities of its structure. These become points of entry for me into the work. Going back and forth between continuing and interrupting the history already present in the material, I repeat forms such as concentric shapes and lines and allow them to gradually mutate as I build the work.”
– Stephen Klassen (Minneapolis, Minn.)

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