Gallery Exhibit | January 18 – February 24

Starting DateJanuary 18, 2019

Ending DateFebruary 24, 2019

Ticket Pricesfree

Event Description

Galleries hours


Monday – Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Sunday, noon – 4:30 p.m.

As well as one hour before and during performances in the theater.



Adam White – Gallery One


“The disruption of the narrative is a common occurrence in everyone’s life as information overlaps and confounds us. How we process the multitude of information shapes who we are and what we can become. How and what we choose to omit can be as helpful, or damaging, as what we accept.”

– Adam White (Maplewood, Minn.)



Linday Rhyner – Gallery Two


“The tactile and visual beauty of fabric is the fundamental inspiration for my work. Vast and readily available quantities of clothing and textile waste provide materials for me to create both large and small-scale wall hangings … I like to create a warped sense of perspective and flatness through use of repetition and angles to confuse and intrigue the viewer.”

– Lindsay Rhyner (Minneapolis, Minn.)



Stephanie Lynn Rogers – Gallery Two


“By crafting images into fabric and garments, I explore the ways in which humans portray other organisms on their clothing and in their homes… Whether conscious or not, we all choose to present ourselves, in part, through the clothes we wear and the ways in which we decorate our homes. In selecting garments and furnishings, we engage with layered lexicons of pattern, cut, color, and fiber.”

– Stephanie Lynn Rogers (Minneapolis, Minn.)



Kurt Devine – Gallery Three


“My art has been described as ‘hyper-naturalism.’ I seek to unite memory, knowledge and the epiphanic experiences that are possible when one is enveloped by Nature. I grew up in a forested region of Wisconsin and my work bears witness to my many years exploring the wilderness and researching the historic relationship between humans, animals and the land they share.”

– Kurt Devine (Minneapolis, Minn.)



Lynn Wadsworth – Overlook Gallery


“I have worked in several mediums: film, photography, collage, assemblage, ceramics and sculpture. Though my medium and subject matter have changed over time, my artistic practice has remained consistent. In my work I seek to reveal hidden meanings, expose contradictions and examine the underpinnings of cultural construction through juxtaposition, humor, and invention. I invite the viewer to see things in a new way.”

– Lynn Wadsworth (St. Paul, Minn.)



Annual Area High School Art Exhibition Posters – Atrium Gallery


From 2003 through 2017, Andersen Corporation sponsored the Alice M. Stolpe Scholarship for the Arts, awarded to one graduating senior each year who participated in the Annual Area High School Art Exhibition at The Phipps. To promote this scholarship opportunity, Andersen Corporation produced posters featuring the work of the previous year’s scholarship recipient.


Although no scholarship was available in 2018 when Andersen Corporation retired its support, thanks to William and Winkie Coyne, this scholarship program will resume in 2019 as the MaryLu Brown Scholarship for the Arts, in memory of MaryLu Brown, whose life and love of art inspired many.

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