Gallery Exhibit | February 24-April 2

Starting DateFebruary 24, 2017

Ending DateApril 2, 2017

Event Description

FREE Public Opening Reception:
Friday, March 3, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Gallery One | Peter Zelle (Minneapolis)
zelle_1“My art is an exercise of my intuition and my passion for color and form. I think of my sculptures as compositions, a word that resonates for me musically as well as spatially. I bring together shapes, patterns, textures, and colors to orchestrate a dynamic and harmonious whole.”

Gallery Two | “Pit Fired Ceramics”

Dooley_01Schneiveis (3)Sorenson (3)

Left: Matt Dooley (St. Paul) “I create hand-built earthenware and stoneware vessels that underscore the importance of artifacts in human culture and highlight the universal nature of human pasts.”

Middle: Theresa Schneveis (Chippewa Falls, WI) “Being raised Catholic I was always intrigued with spirituality and rituals. I’m very curious about other cultures, their spirituality and how it differs from my own.”

Right: Andrea Sorenson (Spring Valley, WI) “Makers and creators pull from come into their lives. I as well pull from connections of those around me, my tie to the area I live and
experiences of my past.”

Gallery Three
 | Steven Johnson (Hudson)
Johnson (1)“In this series of work, I seek to portray an appreciation of the intricacies of jazz and improvisation. With my camera, I seek intimate rhythms, passages and phrases of colors and textures in neglected urban areas left alone to be influenced by natural decay and spray paint.”

Overlook Gallery | Amara G. Hark-Weber (St. Paul)
HarkWeber_1“My sculptural footwear is an exploration of human movement, building techniques, and visual metaphor. They are objects that come
alive with personal narrative when worn, with the power to challenge the viewer’s ideas about form, function, body, and movement.”

Riverview Gallery | Stephanie Hunder (Hudson)
Hunder (2)“Found natural objects such as collections of interesting plants, scientific drawings and diagrams, are layered into my images via scanning, printmaking, and various contemporary or antique photo processes. Abstract in design and poetic in mood, the resulting images are also quasi-scientific records of the natural world.”

Atrium Gallery | Brenda Brousseau (St. Paul)
Brousseau (1)“I have been beading for over 40 years. In more recent years I have used this medium as a way to document my inner journey of spiritual growth and healing. I work with ritually significant forms, like headdresses and mandalas, layering them with personal symbolism and meaning.”

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