Gallery Exhibit – Dec. 2, 2016-Jan. 8, 2017

Starting DateDecember 2, 2016

Ending DateJanuary 8, 2017

Ticket PricesFREE and Open to the Public

Event Description

Opening Public Reception: Friday, Dec. 2, 2016 | 6:30-8:30 p.m. | Gallery talk by featured artist Nick Earl at 6:00 p.m.

Atrium Gallery | Earth and Water: Ceramic Art in the St. Croix Valley


Nick Earl attended the University of Vermont where he majored in art and studied ceramics with Hoyt Barringer. Upon graduation, he moved to Two Harbors, Minnesota, to pursue an apprenticeship with potter Dick Cooter. After two and a half years as an apprentice, he was offered the opportunity to take over the studio of the late potter Richard Abnet.

Earl writes, “Making my work in the century-old dairy barn has provided me a great setting to practice my craft and experience the trials and rewards of a working studio potter. I make pots, and am continually fascinated by the softness and reception of the clay from which they are made. When successful, these qualities translate into the finished pieces, objects that will hopefully enrich the regular ceremonies of life.”

Earth and Water: Ceramic Art in the St. Croix Valley is a partnership with Northern Clay Center (NCC) aimed at increasing the profile of ceramic artists living and working throughout the lower St. Croix River Valley watershed. This cross-state collaboration features three ceramic artists annually.

Gallery One


Mayumi Amada | Minneapolis

“My recent work is focused on a circle of life and eternity in mortality. I’m trying to find the meaning of ephemeral life. Through my work, I’m hoping that the viewers have a moment to think about their own lives, and motivate them to consider what they want to or need to do to lead a fulfilling life.”

Gallery Two


Marion Angelica | Minneapolis

“My inspiration is drawn from the forms and textures in nature … Over the past several years I have been creating work that evokes the forces of wind and water as they sculpt our planet. … Weathering and erosion demonstrate that even things that seem everlasting evolve and change into new and different forms; that change is ongoing and inevitable, upsetting and beautiful simultaneously.” – Marion Angelica (Minneapolis)


Nancy Condon | Stillwater

“I use my work as a vehicle for questioning and absorbing what it means to be human and vulnerable. In some cases, I aim to give the viewer part of a narrative about a specific event or idea, hoping curiosity will move them to seek out the rest of the story. In others, I just want the colors, forms, images, and textures to stand on their own and evoke a response that doesn’t necessarily have a cause and effect relationship with the piece.”

Gallery Three


Jamie Lauler Solberg | Hudson, WI

“My work focuses on the Midwest landscape. Having lived in Minnesota and Wisconsin, I have always taken photos of the big and beautiful Midwestern skies to take back home to my studio, but lately I have been relying on memory and emotion as inspiration for my work. I am currently exploring weather, landscape and natural environments and how they relate to or affect our mood.”

Overlook Gallery


Jack Mader | Minneapolis

“Ultimately, this series is a narrative about the effects of time and the elements, the essence of books and an exploration of what it is that makes a book be what it is and how someone might use a book for something other than its intended purpose.”

Riverview Gallery


Robert Gehrke | Eau Claire,  WI

“Recurring themes in my work are near and far, fragile and enduring, calm and chaos, infinite progression and the detritus of nature. I try to create an open-ended visual narrative that is layered, accessible and personal. I am attracted to images that are often overlooked, forgotten, cloistered away. They seem to represent the mysterious and unconscious forces that often guide our lives.”

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