Gallery Exhibit | October 26 – December 2

Starting DateOctober 26, 2018

Ending DateDecember 2, 2018

Ticket PricesFREE

Event Description

Sarah Krepp and Olivia Petrides – Gallery One


“Explosive energy dominates our work. Sarah locates a powerful gesture in found materials, in blown-out shredded tires which are gathered from highway debris. Blow-outs force the wires, embedded in the rubber, into writhing gesticulations of accumulated stress. Olivia utilizes simple tools and the basic element of drawing — the line — to enact roiling abstractions of overwhelming natural forces into baroque masses. Both of us see the aggressive mark as emblematic carrier of immense forces within urban and natural environments.”

– Sarah Krepp (Evanston, Ill.) and Olivia Petrides (Chicago, Ill.)


Barbara Landes and Paul Sullivan – Gallery Two


“We’ve found that while we can make sculpture without paper, we’d rather not. The work grows out of our handmade papers and our studio experiments/tribulations with paper fibers… We make paper objects that we think are beautiful or otherwise satisfying in some way… Our art is abstract. Meaning is what resonates from the works as we create them and live with them. What does a piece contribute to the dialog of our lives at the moment?”

– Barbara Landes and Paul Sullivan (Madison, Wis.)


Barry McMahon – Gallery Two


“Art is essential to life. Art is therapeutic. Art is a vehicle for gaining insight into the human condition… Creating art has given me the ability to understand people, as much as any other pursuit… I have developed criteria for evaluating the work for its completeness. This evaluation is on a piece by piece basis, so one piece may have lines that seem chaotic, while another work’s very essence is the suggestion of calm.”

– Barry McMahon (Minneapolis, Minn.)


Sue Cranston – Gallery Three


“American School Girl is a series of acrylic and mixed media paintings and digital art that represent my version of childhood experiences for a young girl. Each piece features variations of symbolic evidence portraying qualities such as vulnerability, earnestness, wholesomeness, honesty, pridefulness, good intentions, ambition, and civic duty.”

– Sue Cranston (River Falls, Wis.)


Denise Tennen – Overlook Gallery


“Working in clay is my way of making beauty out of the joys and sorrows of my life. I’m driven to capture the expression of relaxation or tension found in the human body and combine it with the shapes of plant life… My ideal is to say more with less, to pare a form down to its essence and to impart a sense of movement within the stillness of my sculpture.”

– Denise Tennen (St. Louis Park, Minn.)

Northern Clay Center Exhibit – Atrium Gallery


For the past six years The Phipps and Northern Clay Center have partnered on a series of exhibits and demonstration workshops titled “Earth and Water: Ceramic Art in the St. Croix Valley” aimed at increasing the profile of ceramic artists living and working throughout the lower St. Croix River Valley watershed.

This exhibit features nearly all of the ceramic artists who have participated in this exciting program.  They are: Casey Beck, Lisa Buck, Guillermo Cuellar, Andrea Leila Denecke, Nick Earl, Willem Gebben, Peter Jadoonath, Ani Kasten, Mark Lusardi, Wendy Olson, S.C. Rolf, Emily Romens, Joe Samuelson, and Marjorie Wade. See the work of these talented artists in this document.

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