Call for Participants – 2021 Virtual Members’ Spotlight

Starting DateJuly 23, 2021

Ending DateJuly 23, 2021

Event Description

Submission Deadline: Friday, July 23

Final Video Available for Viewing: Friday, August 20


Because the building will be closed over the summer for renovations, this year’s annual Members’ Spotlight will be presented as a virtual show, as it was last year in response to health concerns caused by COVID-19.


The annual Members’ Spotlight is an opportunity for every member of The Phipps Center for the Arts – current and new – to share their creativity by making up to two (2) submissions total in any art media or creative artform.


In addition to submissions of traditional visual arts and crafts – drawing, painting, mixed media, photography, sculpture, video, installation, pottery, jewelry, textiles, glass, etc. – we encourage submissions in all other creative areas – architecture, graphic design, clothing design, theater design (costume, sets, makeup, lighting), etc. We also seek submissions of performance-based work – poetry and other literary readings, dance, theater, music, stand-up comedy, etc.


Current members and those whose memberships have lapsed within the past year will receive a reminder of this opportunity in the mail or via e-mail. To become a member or renew your membership, go to or call 715.386.2305.


Submission Guidelines:


To submit work in any media or creative area that would have been presented in a Galleries exhibit if the show were in person: send an e-mail to with your name, mailing address, and phone number; the title, medium, and price of your submission(s); and attach a jpeg image of your work (see “Tips for Photographing Artwork” below.) For 3-d, kinetic, or installation work, you are encouraged to attach up to three images of each submission or a video (.mp4or .mov) of no longer than 10 seconds.


To submit performance-based work: send an e-mail to with your name, mailing address, phone number, and the title of your submission(s). Either attach a video recording of your performance for us to include in the virtual show (see “Tips for Recording Performances” below) OR sign up for a time to perform in the Black Box at The Phipps and we will record sound/video for you. Follow this link to sign up for a Black Box recording time. During the sign-up process, you will be prompted to provide information about technical needs and asked for the approximate duration of your performance.


Tips for Photographing Artwork


Two-Dimensional pieces:


  1. Hang your artwork on a wall in a well-lit room.
  2. Remove any glass if the piece is framed.
  3. Fill the camera frame as much as possible with the artwork.
  4. Use editing software to correct exposure, color balance, cropping and parallax. Most smart phones have image editing capabilities that can improve images tremendously.
  5. If unable to hang piece, place artwork on the floor or a table on a piece of foam core or poster board.
  6. Take multiple images to have a variety to choose from.
  7. Use the camera’s highest resolution possible.



Three-dimensional pieces:


  1. Try to find a neutral background to place your piece in front of or on, an empty wall works well or using foam core or poster board can work well too.
  2. Pay attention to shadows and move location or lighting to try to minimize harsh shadows.
  3. Similar to instructions above for 2-d work, use editing software to correct image and use the camera’s highest resolution setting.
  4. Take multiple images to capture various angles and views by moving the camera or artwork.




Tips for Recording Performances:

  1. Record with horizontal/landscape dimensions.
  2. Cell phone video is fine.
  3. Record in a quiet space with little wind or background noise.
  4. If there is a lot of echo where you are recording, try covering hard surfaces with blankets or jackets.
  5. Videos should be submitted as .mp4 or .mov files (your phone will likely record in one of these two file types)
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