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COVID Protocols

The Phipps COVID Protocols

Masks are highly recommended but not required for guests visiting The Phipps.

We ask that everyone is respectful of the personal health choices of those around them to help create a healthy and safe environment for all involved. We will continue to monitor and follow guidelines that are consistent with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Wisconsin Department of Health and Safety, and St. Croix County.

-Please do not come to The Phipps if you are ill until cleared by a physician.

-The Phipps strongly recommends:

  1. Vaccination for participation in any programs.
  2. Social distancing as much as possible given the program
  3. Good hand hygiene

-The Phipps will follow mask usage guidelines as directed by CDC and St. Croix County Health Department. Please check the level at before your program.

-The Phipps reserves the right to revise mask usage protocols based on COVID status within the community and the vaccination status of participants within specific programs.