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Phipps 40th Anniversary Campaign

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The Phipps Center for the Arts has been an integral part of the St. Croix River Valley for four decades. Its mission has touched the lives of thousands, enriching the region with inspiring programs and activities. Your support is needed to keep this creative spirit strong! Every donation, big or small, will have an immeasurable impact on the future of the Phipps. Your contribution to the Phipps 40th campaign will help ensure that this important cultural gem is here for another 40 years.

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Ruby Ring

Consider joining the Ruby Ring by setting up a recurring donation of any amount. As a token of our appreciation, if you join the Ruby Ring at $10/month or higher, you'll receive a special limited-edition Phipps 40th enamel pin!

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One-Time Donations

If a one-time donation is more your speed, that's fine too!

Family Sponsorship

Family Sponsorship

If you're an individual or family looking to support the Phipps, we have a Family Sponsorship Program made for you. Help us with production costs to earn exclusive rewards.

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