The Healing Arts at Westfields Hospital

Starting DateDecember 31, 2016

Ending DateDecember 31, 2017

Event Description

Now Showing Through July 9

“I make carefully orchestrated, patterned paintings depicting domestic interiors with bold, layered planes of color, repeated motifs, and a shallow sense of space…My work gives voice to the often trivialized feminine interior and reflects a contemplation of the whimsical space between reality, memory, and a daydream.”
— Maria Rose Adams (Minneapolis, Minn.)

“My paintings and sculptures grasp at the blurry edges of memory, attempting to transmute the non-material into haptic experience. Sunny childhood memories appear within y work in many repeated forms, and interior spaces.”
–Ashley Pfeifer (Minneapolis, Minn.)

2017 Exhibits:

January 25 – April 9:  Kurt Devine, Tracy Frizzell, Jennifer Kranz

April 12 – July 9: Ashley Peifer, Maria Rose Adams

For more information, see the Westfields Hospital Healing Arts page.

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