The Healing Arts at Westfields Hospital

Starting DateDecember 31, 2016

Ending DateDecember 31, 2017

Event Description

Devine“My art has been described as ‘hypernaturalism’. I seek to unite memory, knowledge and the epiphanel [sic] experiences that are possible when one is enveloped by nature.”
– Kurt Devine (Minneapolis)

Frizzell“Since moving to Minneapolis four years ago, my work has been expanding to include less rural landscapes. Different elements of the urban industrial history of Minneapolis and St. Paul have captured my imagination.”
– Tracy Frizzell (Minneapolis)


January 25 – April 9:  Kurt Devine, Tracy Frizzell, Jennifer Kranz

April 12 – July 9: Ashley Peifer, Maria Rose Adams

For more information, see the Westfields Hospital Healing Arts page.

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