Musical Theater/Broadway – Ages 13+

Starting DateMay 1, 2018

Ending DateMay 22, 2018


Event Description

Four Tuesdays: May 1 – 22

6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Fee: $44 or $12 drop in

Instructor: MacKenzie Lewis

Musical Theater/Broadway | Broadway Master Class

Musical Theater and Broadway Jazz will focus on the art of performing and theatricality. These classes will blend together many different styles of dance and might even incorporate props. Students will learn not only dancing skills, but the ability to emote the character of the song they are dancing to. This is a class that blends together many different styles. Sharpen your musicality, audition and performance skills so that you can be a triple threat the next time you take the stage.

For a list of all Spring / Summer 21018 youth dance classes, download the brochure.

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