Gallery Exhibit | May 12 – June 18

Starting DateMay 12, 2017

Ending DateJune 18, 2017

Ticket PricesFREE Admission

Event Description

Opening Reception: Friday, May 12

6:30-8:30 p.m.

Gallery One

“I encourage the observers of my works to relate their own experience to the ideas I examine as I convey the conflicts that we as humans experience in our lives as well as the boldness and the dignity of the human spirit. I want viewers to experience for themselves the dichotomy inherent in our human condition.”
– JinMan Jo (Stevens Point, Wis.)

Gallery Two | “Identity”

“We have our own studios, kilns and firing styles. While we may differ in our processes, we connect and identify with each other through the firing of our work. We each fire our vessels with wood. This ancient process brings people together, and it creates small families around each kiln.
“Identity is the celebration of that communal aspect. We choose to use this archaic method, and as a result we let go of the ego that comes with the creation of artwork. Our finished pieces have been made by us initially, but to get the end result desired, we rely on our small communities created around each kiln.”
– Sam Johnson (St. Joseph, Minn.)
John Martelle (Herman, Neb.)
Joe Singewald (Cold Springs, Minn.)
Zac Spates (Hudson, Wis.)
Liz Vercruysse (Herman, Neb.)

Overlook Gallery

BabcockWhite (1)BabcockWhite (3)
“I hope my paintings evoke a dream or a memory… Maybe of a place you came across while exploring as a child or somewhere you go while sleeping and when awake try to recall.”
–Erin Babcock White (White Bear Lake, Minn.)

Gallery Three

Pease (1)Pease (2)
“I started working on this series over three years ago now…The intention was to create a body of work that was two-faced. A bright messy, chaotic grouping of paintings to represent the id and an organized, minimalist, simple body of work to embody the ego.”
–Morgan Pease (Minneapolis, Minn.)

Riverview Gallery

OLeary (1)OLeary (2)
“Throughout my life, I have had an insatiable fascination with men and the personas they create and project to the world around them. It seems society has a similar fascination with defining masculinity as the line between male and female continues to blur. I see men pushing their own limits to define who they are as individuals and to create personas in reaction to male stereotypes and expectations.”
–Joseph D.R. Oleary (Minneapolis, Minn.)

Atrium Gallery

“The influence, inspiration and ideas behind my current work are influenced by my fascination and love of the night sky, specifically images seen through the Hubble Telescope. Images of the Milky Way and star clusters give an impression of movement through time, especially in the way their light arcs across the night sky and fades to morning.”
– Kristina Fjellman (Minneapolis, Minn.)

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